Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you love about me?

"What do you love about me?" I asked Bart.
Bart's answer: "Deb, I love everything about you. I love that you're kind and considerate and curious. You're beautiful and sexy and affectionate. I love that you are loyal and honest, innocent, genuine, and sincere. I love your gentleness. You're lovable, gentle, caring, accepting, sensitive, supportive. I love that you're real, and not manipulative. I love that you are a good conversationalist and a unique individual. I love you because you're always growing. And that you are creative. You're talented. You're a natural dancer and undeveloped visual artist. You have fun hobbies; photography, travel, creative writing. You write interesting, short autobiographical stories. I love your beautiful eyes, beautiful tenderness, great skin, and beautiful figure. I love that you're athletic and active, and love to play sports and that you're good at sports. I love that you're a moderate drinker and that you have a great love for red wines. I love that we have a lot in common and have the same interests and that we are a lot alike. I love that you introduced me to your world. I love your family. I love that you're sensitive and vulnerable, which makes me want to protect you. I love that you're giving and thoughtful. You give loving massages. You write me loving notes. I love you because you think of me. I love your Debisms. I love your humor. I love you because you love me back. I love you because you love me for who I am. I love you because you love me. You're supportive of my career, ZC, and the #1 fan. You give me feedback and I appreciate it. And I appreciate all that you do for me.
I love you a lot. I love everything about you, Deb. I love you more than anyone and anything. I have the deepest love and feelings for you. When we make love, I have the best orgasms with you. We fit. It's magic. You have that jena sais quio about you. You are the most beautiful girl in the world to me and you're the best girlfriend I've ever had. I love you because you love me. You're my family. You'll always be part of my family. You're worth it. You're worth fighting for.
You can trust me."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 10

Johnny Depp
Josh Holloway
James Franco
Jason Bateman
Jeff Probst
Joshua Morrow
Ian Somerhalder
Ethan Hawke
Ozzy Lusth
Geddy Lee

No particular order

All Time Favorite Shows

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Office
The Comeback
Arrested Development

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Middle Cat

I took to wondering.
If I and my 3 cats, Stinky, Cloe, and Fraidy Cat,
were on an island without any food,
which one would I eat?

My boyfriend said that the younger the better,
the meat would be more tender.

But I think I would eat Fraidy Cat.
She's healthy, not the youngest
but the middle child, I mean,
middle cat.
She has benign cancer in one of her legs
so I would chop off that first
and let the other 2 eat the cancered leg.

I don't think I would eat the youngest.
Sure, she's obese and I could get a lot of
juicy fats and tender meat off of her, but
personality goes a long way.

Stinky's my dawg.
He's the oldest and a skinn' littl' thing.
No good meat there.

This decision, of course, has nothing to do with
me being a middle child.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Prince

I should have not answered the door. To act like no one is home, like I do now. But I did answer the door to someone I did not know. What do you call them now? Someone trying to sell you something that you don't want. A traveling salesperson? A cold knocker? Anyway, he was a well-dressed, good-looking, young black man selling magazine subscriptions. I should have cut him off fast, I hardly read anyway. But I didn't. I was being polite while being trapped. He went into his long speech and I waited for a break to tell him that I wasn't interested. But I couldn't get a break.

Telling someone "no" is a hard thing for me to do when someone is so convincing. And the young man was convincing, and determined to get the sale. He wouldn't take no for an answer. I tried, but I guess I wasn't skilled enough in my no answers. I probably was indirect with my word usage like "let me think about it" and "maybe". I didn't want the sharp guy to think that he wasn't going to get the sale after his strong effort he put in to get the sale.

But then the salesperson hit his home run with me. He preceded to talk about how he met Prince a couple of weeks prior. And that Prince bought 30 subscription issues from him. The crafty salesman pointed to 1 of the 2 columns of the total 60 magazine selections on his sheet that Prince had bought.

Being 17 and barely on my own, I believed the sly salesman's load of crap. I was a big fan of Prince at the time. The salesman told me the story of how he met the great Artist. He went into specifics like Prince's full name and height, etc. And that Prince had a pool on his property that read "RAIN" in all capitol letters at the bottom of the deep end.

The slick salesman must have spent at least 20 to 30 minutes telling me the "true" story of how he and Prince met. I believed him. I was young, stupid, and naive. I was in such awe and amazement of someone meeting someone famous like the seductive Prince. I had his cassettes.

Clearly after all the time the clever salesperson spent entertaining me, I felt obligated to buy 2 magazine subscriptions so I signed up immediately. I wasn't interested in the 2 magazines that I would never read, but my obligation was stronger than my rejection. And then the salesperson was off to the next door.

After a few thought process sunk in...ohhhh. That jerk lied to me! And he conned me into buying his product with his bogus bullshitted story. Luckily, the contract had a 3 day cancellation policy. I canceled the order within minutes after he left.

The Resolution Factor

In November 2009, I wrote some goals in "Meltdown".
Plan A didn't happen, and as far as Another Plans, I did complete the renovations of my house and it was rented out immediately without any problems.

Here are new goals for 2011:
-Start having unprotected mating to possible pregnancy.
-Find a house for my boyfriend to buy.
-Live together.
-Get married.

Yes, in that order.

-Open to start a new and enjoyable career at any time.

The Negative Me - Deb Quotes 2

I wish I could make a living out of my material.
I am stopping me.

Live Life

I should do this!

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Interrogation

I woke up with a migraine. I needed to take my full dosage of my prescribed medicine in order to get rid of it. So I called work to tell them just that. I said I was coming in, but I would be there a couple hours later than when my shift started.

This is what I have to go thru:

"What time did you get in last night?"
"1:30am" [None of her business]

"It's not a 4 hour commute to Central."
"You're right. It's 1 hour and 45 to 50 minutes there and 1 hour and 45 to 50 minutes back."(without traffic) [She's calling me a liar.]

"There are only 2 reasons that cause a migraine; red wine and chocolate."
"There are other reasons that can cause a migraine." [She's an idiot if she thinks that. She is also insinuating that I drank wine (which I didn't) and that I have a hangover from it. But even if I did, I'm allowed to and it's none of her business if I did or did not.]

"I talked to other people and they said that they couldn't believe that you would call out on the 26th." [She's airing laundry to other stores? That's not professional. And plus, if we were so busy, why does she have so much time on her hands to call other managers?]

"You need to act professional when you call out sick."
"I didn't feel good." [You get what you get when I call. She doesn't know the level of my pain. Plus, I wasn't on the clock when I called out the 2 hours. ]

I called HR and filed a complaint.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Procrastinator

4:20pm - I have 2 hours open to do my taxes today. Yes, it's December and I haven't done them yet. Every day that I'm off from work, I make a list of what things I need to do and priortize it. Taxes have made the To Do list every time, but it's usually one of the last items on the priority list. Cleaning usually comes before that, and that usually doesn't get done either.

Nap or Taxes - Nap or Taxes - Nap or Taxes - Nap or Taxes...hmmm....

I'll report in a couple of hours, unless I procrastinate on that too.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Strange Girl

Song in the works. A collaboration by my boyfriend & me:

She's a strange, strange girl.
She's a strange, strange girl.

She don't like her name.
She don't like Debbie, De-bor-ah,
Deb, or Debra.
DJ's okay.

She's a strange, strange girl.
She's thinks she's normal, but
she's a strange, strange girl.

She's got a cat named Stinky.
And the litter is filthy.
She don't like to clean.
And we know what that means...
She's a strange, strange girl.

She's a strange, strange girl.
She's a strange, strange girl.
She's my Debbie Jean.
She's a strange, strange girl.
She's a strange, strange girl.
and I love her.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last Night

I woke up to the sound of someone shuffling around in my room. It didn't sound like my cats. I played like I was still asleep as my heart pounded faster and louder. I hoped that it would not be noticed. I continued to lay still with my eyes closed, but I forgot to breathe normally, until I found myself gasping for a deep breath. I wondered if this was a dream, but I was awake and aware. My plan was not to wake up if someone wanted to wake me up. I fell asleep waiting.

And then I was with Nicholas Cage. And we were loving on each other. And I liked it. But he's not in my top 5, much less on my list.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Waiting on Time

Pre-trial is set for May 26, 2010 - I don't have to be there. And then maybe another pre-trial after that - I don't have to be there either. And then maybe a trial date will be set - I'll be there.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Weak Weapon

The best defense they have going for him is consent.

He pooed in my backyard! No dog about it.

If it was consent, why didn't he use my toilet? I had 2, and they both worked!

The Jury Juice

The Grand Jury indicted rapist on all charges. It didn't take long before they made an united decision. His bail is set at $9 million dollars.

I didn't have to testify. The ADA decided that the expert witnesses were good enough. I will testify when it goes to trial.

Cutting it Close: Earlier this week, the ADA were thinking of postponing indictment charges another week. The deadline of indicting rapist is March 10, 2010. Also, this was the last week of the existing Grand Jury members to serve.

Press release some time in the near future.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Taste of The Case

I couldn't put the condom on. I tried to put the condom on, but I couldn't. My one available hand was not skilled enough with the angle it had and the other hand was pinned down underneath the covers. "What about a hand job?" I offered the unknown dark intruder as he held the knife to my throat. I thought that would have been a good option, but he said no.

Grand jury is set for Thursday, February 25, 2010. It will probably hit the news media soon afterwards.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haunting Doors

I'm at my parents' house and I'm trying to lock the exterior doors and I can't seem to successfully lock them. I feel unsafe. The doors and locks are flimsy. It is dark and no one is home. A car drives up the long driveway without it's headlights on, and I'm scrambling to get all the doors locked before the car reaches the house. It doesn't happen.

I've had that same reoccurring dream a couple of times a year for the past 20 years or so. I tend to dream about it right after a visit with my parents. I have issues with their doors. Growing up, the exterior door locks barely worked. Mom would put a chair in front of each door with the chair back propped under the door knob in hopes that it would be harder for an intruder to shove the door open. That's how it was. And pretty much still is.

Not one interior door would lock either. Mom and Dad would walk in my bedroom and bathroom without knocking. No privacy at all. Thank god I didn't discover masturbation until I left home. But I should have put a chair in front of my bedroom door anyway.

The interior doors were hollow as well. Worse yet, my bedroom wasn't too far from my parents' bedroom. A couple of times I heard their bed squeaking in the middle of the night, hoping they weren't doing what I thought they were doing, and praying they would quit very soon. When I heard that god-awful sound, I also made a strong agreement with myself, that if I ever have kids, they would have their bedrooms at the other end of the house. This may be the cause of me getting solid wood doors for my rental, and for hating hollow wood doors with a passion.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Naked With Shoes

I was naked. That was the theme for the musicians' party Bart and I were attending. Bart didn't want to dress up for the party so he kept his clothes on.

We got into the Butterfly cab, not as reliable as United, but he knew the way. A 20 minute drive, go over a railroad crossing. I wondered why I didn't have a cover-up on, like a trench coat or something. Here we are in the backseat of the taxi, pale as I can be. I crossed my legs, at least I had my heels on.

The theme had changed to wear clothes, but I didn't get that message. I didn't know hardly anyone and no one bothered to offer me a piece of cloth, only a drink. I felt out of place and wanted to leave immediately. I got on the phone to call another cab, and I waited a long time for that Butterfly cab company to get there. I was willing to walk home to change into something more comfortable.

I wanted Bart to leave with me. I was naked. But he wanted to stay. Three of the musicians had one extra ticket to a performance and they had asked Bart to join them. And Bart didn't want to miss the show. I wanted Bart's support, I was naked. Bart reluctantly went with me as we bickered back and forth. The show was at 10:30pm. It was only 4pm at the time.

I have another party to attend to on the 19th. If there's a theme change, I hope I'm notified beforeskin.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Salad - The Black or White Egg

No gray egg about it.

I get in trouble, again. I left 10 minutes early, after closing, at 9:20pm, instead of 9:30pm. The clock-watching egg checked my time. I told her that she's being ridiculous.

-Closing duties were all done.
-We were dead all day & night due to the tropical storm Ida brewing in the gulf.
-We had no tables, no business.
-It was my first day back from surgery.
-I came in 2 hours earlier to cover a waiter's missed shift. Working over 10 hours.

That doesn't matter, she says. Well yes it does. It matters because I'm tired! It matters because I'm not appreciated when petty matters like this come up.

I don't understand why she can't be just a little over-easy?